International Students

International students who cannot physically attend due to international travel constraints are still able to enroll and obtain a Graduate Diploma, after successful completion of online assessments and workbook submissions.

After enrolment and payment of standard fees, all course material including workbooks and iPad (if applicable) will be posted out to the student at the completion of each module. All tutorials and case studies are available for repeated viewing online. Exams can be performed online, and workbooks can be completed at your own institution and posted back to CEPIA for assessment. After successful completion of all workbook submissions and online assessments, a Graduate Diploma of Cardiac Electrophysiology will be issued.

All online assessments and workbooks must be completed and submitted by the same dates as the normal course as detailed on their respective webpages. There is no cost difference for this method. Please register online and choose the standard Graduate Diploma of Cardiac Electrophysiology option, and send a separate email stating that you wish to enroll but not physically attend the modules.

If an overseas student requires a visa to attend the course, it is the responsibility of the student to apply for and complete this process via their local embassy or consulate. CEPIA will send a letter confirming student enrolment to assist in their application, however no further assistance or input is able to be given.

Once an overseas student is successful in obtaining the qualification, this does not give them the right to practice medicine in Australia. This can only be done after satisfying any requirments of the Australian Medical Association (AMA) and other governing bodies.

Please visit the following websites for further information on practicing medicine in Australia:


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